satavahana dynasty rule on Indian subcontinent achievements culture

satavahana dynasty rule on Indian subcontinent achievements culture


In the north-west Deccan on the ruins of the Mauryan dynasty arose the empire of the Satavahanas in the 1st century B.C., with its centre at Pratishtana ( Paithan in Maharashtra)satavahana dynasty rule on Indian subcontinent achievements culture have a deep impact on indian subcontinent. The Satavahana was based from Dharanikota and Amaravati in the state of Andhra Pradesh as well as (Pune) state and Prathisthan (Paithan) in Maharashtra The Puranas  documents tells us only of the Andhra rule and not of the Satavahana rule. but the name Andhra does not occur in  Satvahana inscriptions. There are a lot of differences regarding the original home of the Satavahanas.

The rulers represented in epigraphic records are mentioned in the Puranas as Andhras,


Early Satavahanas:

  • The Early Satavahanas ruled Telangana and Andhra Pradesh  which were their heartland. The Puranas list 30 kings. Many were known from their coins  as well.
  • The  Simuka was the founder of the Satavahana dynast

Simuka rule 207–230 B C

After becoming independent around 230 BCE, Simuka, the founder of the kingdom, occupied the  Maharashtra and other parts of Madhya Pradesh .

He and his successors improve their authority from the mouth of the Krishna to the whole Deccan plateau.after, Simuka made srikakulam as his capital.He was succeeded by his brother Kanha (207–189 BCE), who further extended his state to the present day Andhra Pradesh.

Sataakarni 180–124 B C

The prior of the Satavahana monarchs to receive wide acceptance was Satakarni I, and this was due to his scheme of military evolution in all management. He is the king of the west who  defeat Kharavela of Kalinga. According to the Yoga Purana he invade Kalinga following the death of Kharavela. He increased Satavahana rule over Madhya Pradesh and throw back the  Sunga from Pataliputra,where he  ruled for 10 years. His invasions took him north of the Narmada into eastern Malva, which at the time was being threatened by the Shakas and the Greeks.

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