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Mauryan empire history invasions and achievements

The Maurya Empire  governed  by the Mauryan dynasty Mauryan empire history  invasions are very prominent it was a geographically strong  political and military dynasty in ancient India.  from the empire of Magadha in the Indo-Gangetic plains of modern Bihar, Eastern Utar Praadesh and Bangal, the  capital city was at  the Pataliputra near  Patna. Chandragupta Maurya established the Empire in 322 B.C.E. after defeating  the Nanda Dynasty. He began to expand the Mauryan empire  invade the  western area,s across central and western India. Local powers had been disrupted by the westward withdrawal of Alexander the Great’s and his Macedonian and Persian troops. By 316 B.C.E. historically  Mauryan empire invasions had fully covered the Northwest of  India, defeating and conquering the territory left by Alexander.

Mauryan empire history  invasions

Mauryan empire history and invasions  are the most prominent part of the indian history The Mauryan Empire was the largest empire who ruled the Indian subcontinent. Its downfall began 50 years after Ashoka’s rule finished, and it dissolved in 185 B.C.E. with the rise of the Sunga Dynasty in Magadha. Under Chandragupta, the Mauryan dynasty invaded the trans-Indus valley, crushing  its greek rulers. Chandragupta then defeated the invasion led by Seleucus I, a Greek general from Alexander’s army. Under Chandragupta and his successors internal and external trade, and agriculture and economic activities, all thrived and expanded across India. Chadragupta created a single efficient system of finance, administration, and security,Mauryan empire history and invasions are the golden page for Indian historian. The Mauryan empire stands as one of the most significant periods in Indian history


Mauryan empire history  invasions

Ashoka died in 232BC and his successors were not able enough to control his vast domination, which resulted in the gradual downfall of the state.

The major reason behind the decline of any empire is civil war in which different factions fight to grab power they forgot Mauryan empire history invasions and success which obtained from a large amount of sacrifices . that kind of wars not only cause the wealth of the empire go waste but also disintegrate society. The forces are also affected heavely by internal wars and it loses its strength to keep an eye on internal disturbance and foreign invasions . The weakness of the army results in the disintegration of central power of the state and, consequently, provinces become independent, resulting in the breakdown of the whole state into smaller states. The government no longer remains in a position to collect taxes, and revenue collectors and other government officials get involved in corruption, consequently, the political, social and economic institutions collapse which leads the empire towards downfall. The same happened with the Mauryan Empire

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