A glimpse on Sunga Dynasty rise and fall and achievements

A glimpse on Sunga Dynasty rise and fall and achievements


A glimpse on Sunga Dynasty rise and fall and achievements It is collected from some Puranic descriptions as well as from the well known work ‘Harshaa Charita’, composed by Baana many centuries later, that the last emperor  of the Maurya Dynasty named Brihadratha was murdered  by his own army commender  named Pushyamitra Sunga in about 185 or 186 B.C. after this incident, Pushyamitra captured the throne of Megadha and founded a new kingdom known as the Sunga Dynasty.

The ancient Hindu scriptures described that Pushyamitra Sunga ruled in Pataliputra for 35 years. According to historical evidence, he died  around 150 B.C., after that  his son Agnimitra succeeded as a king of Sunga Empire

Pushyamitra Sunga as a ruler

Pushyamitra was never a good emperor as any other of the first three Maurya kings.  he  was an insignificant king of the Sunga Dynasty. His was a ruler of  too small kingdom . His capital Pataliputra was too weak to control  strong seat of government as in the days of Chandragupta, Bindusara and Ashoka.

The former glory of Magadha dynasty was  vanished  there when Pushyamitra Sunga captured the Pataliputra capital of Sunga Dynasty. The borders of the state was much reduced. Even that remaining territory was not secured.  the territory of Vidarbhaa claimed freedom and separated itself from the Magadhan domination.

king Agnimitra Sunga

The father of the Sunga Dynasty Pushyamitra was after all a murderer . He might have secured his  dying kingdom of Magadha for a short period of time, but his governance  suffered from criticisms. He was narrated  like a pro-Brahamanic and anti-Buddhist empror by some critics. His son  Agnimitra, however, came to the power as a legitimate king. Furthermore, he proved himself as a true ruler.

Fall of Sunga Dynasty

No information available  about the successors of Vasumitra. But this  fact is certain that the  a King named Brihaspati Mitra who ruled over Magadha when Kharavela marched his armies to occupie the north. According to the Puranic sources, the Sunga rule in Pataliputra  for  112 years. The last king of Sunga Dynasty Devabhuti was driven out from the throne by his minister Vasudeva who established a new  dynasty known as the Kanva Dynasty.

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